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About Navin Doshi, author of Transcendence

Navin Doshi, author of Transcendence:Saving Us from Ourselves Navin Doshi is an engineer, philosopher, philanthropist, and trader in financial asset management.

Originally from the Gurjarat, India, Doshi's parents later migrated to Bombay (now Mumbai). As a young boy of nine in Bombay, Navin Doshi shared a walk with Mahatma Gandhi during a visit to Mahabelshver with his parents.

In 1958 Mr. Doshi came to the United States for a post-graduate program in engineering, first at the University of Michigan, then at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). During his career as an aerospace engineer, he was the recipient of NASA awards and U.S. patents.

In 1999, Mr. and Mrs. Doshi endowed the Doshi Chair of Indian History at UCLA, and Doshi has been active as a fund raiser and consultant on numerous projects that particularly deal with education, culture, tradition, history, and archaeology.

The Doshis are founding members and the contributors for the establishment of the prestigious Sarder Patel Award at UCLA for exceptional doctoral dissertations in the field of Indian culture and history. The Doshis have also endowed a professorship at Loyola Marymount University, occupied by Dr. Christopher Chapple, a highly recognized scholar of Indic traditions, who also administers the Doshi Bridge Builder Award ($10,000) Program.

Recipient of numerous honors from his Alma Maters in India and in the US, Mr. Doshi writes articles on investment and philosophy for local media. The articles are available at

Mr. Doshi and his wife, Pratima, are the parents of two children and the proud grandparents of six children.

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